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February Events at Bookstacks

Snow! Blizzards! Mother Nature is doing her best to encourage us to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book. Or to head into Second Life for a book discussion. I hope you can join us for these Bookstacks’ events.

Note: If you are interested in holding a book-related event at Bookstacks, please contact Kghia Gherardi.

February 17, Noon
Footlight Confidential: Oscar Month – Join Dilana Llewellyn for interviews, readings and lively discussions on all things performance; both SL & RL.

February 19, 5 pm
Reader’s Block – February’s topic: Second Chances – Was there a book you didn’t like [because you were forced to read it in school, for example] but you read it again and decided it was great?

February 20, 4 pm
Book Discussion: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – Part of the Caledon Library series, Magic, Monsters and Other Worlds: The Fantastic in Victorian Literature, JJ Drinkwater and Kghia Gherardi will look at the monsters as seen from a Victorian perspective. (Note: this discussion is held at the Caledon Library)

Saturdays, 2 pm
Science Fiction Saturdays – Hosted by Simeon Beresford and Neb, this weekly gathering of Science Fiction and Fantasy lovers cover everything from their current reads to the classics of the genre and anything in between.

Sundays, 3 pm
Poetry Libre Open Mic – Serene Bechir and Leonardo Zimring bring together some of the greatest poets on the grid to share original works and favorites, often with an international flavor.

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National Novel Writing Month in Second Life

(Inter)National Novel Writing Month kicks of November 1, and Second LIfe is providing some terrific support for for participants. Things kick of October 31, from 6-9 pm PDT/SLT, at Milk Wood.

Graphic by June Faramore (SL: June Stormcrow)

Please join the NaNoWriMo SL group in-world to get all the latest updates.



  • 6AM-7AM: Dash and Word Wars – Milk Wood
  • 9:30AM-10:30AM: Write-in(word wars and plot doctoring) – Milk Wood
  • 6PM-7PM: Dash and Word Warring (at Bookstacks on Thursdays) – Milk Wood


  • 12PM-1PM: Write-in (word wars and plot doctoring) – Milk Wood



  • Nov. 10, 6:30PM: Workshop with Arlene Radasky (SL: Imarad Breen) on reading their work aloud, recording it, and listening back for a more complete editing process
  • Nov 13, 8:00AM: Building a character slam book with Emerain Rich (SL: Emz Mazie).
  • Nov. 17, 10:00AM: Workshop by author Cassandra Curtis (SL: Cassandra Sharktooth)
    Author of the Midnight Effect and Shifting Tides trilogy.
    In this mini-workshop, Ms. Curtis shows how a writer can deepen the characterization of an existing protagonist, antagonist, or develop a secondary character by using a few simple diagrams, an interview sheet, character check list, traits, and even an exercise she invented called the Writer’s Duel, which creates multi-player participation in a game setting. Developing your character look in SL will be briefly discussed as well.
  • Nov. 20, 8:00PM: Workshop by author Cora Zane (SL: Cora Waverider)
    Are you struggling with your NaNoWriMo story? Erotic romance author Cora Zane will be covering ways to kickstart a story that has stalled, and get you back on track to reaching your 50k NaNoWriMo project goal.

Additional In-World Resources

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Carnival: Latin-Inspired Music with DJ Walton Tonight

This Friday, a night of dancing and reverie featuring Latin-influenced music from around the world…

You are invited to put on your Carnival best (though it is not required) and join us on the beach at Awen as DJ Walton Vieria leads the festivities from 7-9pm PDT.

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Janny Wurts on Off the Shelf, February 6

Traitor's Knot Cover by Janny Wurts

Janny Wurts, author of The War of Light and Shadow series, The Cycle of Fire Trilogy, and co-author with Raymond E. Fiest of The Empire Trilogy, is our guest on Off the Shelf on February 6 at 1pm PT/SLT.

Wurts has written more than twenty novels, using fantasy backdrops to explore the play of politics and prejudices, of power and responsibility from multiple angles. An accomplished artist,  Wurts created many of the covers for her books.

Please join us in Second Life at the Off the Shelf podcast studio or listen live at



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January Book Discussion: Enchanted April – updated

January Book Discussion
Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim
January 19, 2011 (Wednesday) at 6 pm PST/SL
January 23, 2011 (Sunday) at 10 am PST/SL
Bookstacks Pub

It is cold outside, and I really hate the cold. Perhaps that is why Elizabeth von Arnim’ Enchanted April sounded so appealing for a book discussion this month. Four women sharing a secluded castle in Italy for a month?

The novel is available in the public domain, so I’ve downloaded it to my Kindle. You can find the text version online in several places (Upenn version) and listen to a LibriVox recording, if you like.

I remember seeing the film version years ago, so I’ve added it to my Netflix queue to watch after I finish the book.

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indulge your decadent side

Friday at 7pm SLT we loosen our ties and indulge in a little bit of sin for your Black Friday. After a long day of shopping and malls, come as bare as you dare and join us for a night of sensual music and decadent behavior. You know you want to join us…

Since Joyce can say it better “… and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.” 7pm SLT.

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Other Worlds Art Exhibit Opening on November 21, 2010

Other Worlds Art Exhibit

Preview of the exhibit

November 21-December 31, 2010
Opening: Nov. 21, 11:00 am

Seven artists, inspired by the alien, the fantastic, the futuristic, the other, have brought their vision of art from other worlds to Awen. Alien but a little familiar, these exhibits invite viewers to immerse themselves in the possible.

Join us for the opening at 11:00 am on November 21, or wander through the exhibit at your leisure through the month of December.

Artists sharing their work include

**Exhibit curated by Kelly Yap

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